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Personal Life Coaching

Dissatisfied with how your life’s progressing? Are life’s problems weighing you down and creating negative sentiments in you? Do you lack the confidence to take control of your life and move it in the direction you want? Many people think that they don’t need help and that they can do everything by themselves. The truth is that it always helps to have support, especially the support of an experienced professional who can aid you in getting where you want to be without wasting any excess time or money. NGAKHE living inside out Coaching can help. NGAKHE living inside out Personal Coaching will help you realize your latent, strengths and to become more confident and assured. You will learn to put your talents and skills to better use and gain clarity about your aim in life.

The individual coaching sessions are conducted by experienced and well qualified coaches that will influence every aspect of your life. Every person has his/her unique strengths, our programs help you recognize and appreciate your strengths. At the end of the program you will emerge an empowered person, ready to pursue your ambitions with renewed confidence.


Your journey to successful personal development starts with understanding yourself. Learning to value your talents and skills will boost your self-esteem. Do not concentrate on what you cannot do, because NGAKHE coaching help you focus on all the things that you can do.

It’s only in an environment of positive thinking that people can confidently face their deep-seated fears, and overcome them through their belief in themselves. Our coaches strive to create such an environment to help you vanquish negative thoughts of fear and failure.

NGAKHE Personal Coaching will help you in your endeavor to discover your true calling and aim in life. It is only through introspection and deep reflection that you will be able to gain clarity about where you want to go in life. NGAKHE Personal Coaching will not only connect you with your inner self but will help you to resolve all doubts and conflicts about your life goals.


Personal Development programs are considered to be successful, they help participants achieve breakthroughs on a regular basis. The aim is to empower people, by giving them the confidence to successfully meet personal and professional challenges with poise and assurance.

NGAKHE personal Coaching processes focuses on personal breakthroughs, which helps you explore your deep-seated desires, motivations and thoughts. The sessions also help you to find and eliminate obstacles in your path to a happier, fulfilling and successful life. The coaches use emotional, physical and psychological personal-development techniques to help you prepare for any road blocks.


NGAKHE Personal Life Coaching programs are about transformation of individuals. The programmes enable you to confront deep-seated psychological challenges, so that you can defeat fears, anxieties and other negative emotions that hold you back from personal and professional success. The coaches emphasize positive attributes that help you discover life goals. Through focus on creating a positive environment for personal growth, NGAKHE coaching will help you re-invent yourself. The coaching process also assists in overcoming substance abuse and addiction so that you can start a new life free of alcohol and drugs.


In life people go through various issues and challenges, NGAKHE personal coaching aims to help people move confidently in the direction of realizing their dreams. The programs offered are designed to offer effective help with but not limited to the following issues:

  • Identity Issues – Low self-esteem, low self-image, commitment issues, low confidence, lack of motivation, sense of aimlessness in life, stage fright and other forms of nervousness.
  • Personality Challenges – Nervous, paranoid, depressed, hostile and aggressive.
  • Negative Emotions – Anger, guilt, fear, envy, revenge, sorrow.
  • Addictions or substance abuse – Alcohol abuse, drug abuse, gaming addiction, porn addiction, steroids addiction, addiction to medication.
  • Challenges – Depression, insomnia, phobias, personality disorders, health disorders, mental disorders, genetic disorders and eating disorders.