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Professional Coaching


Are you struggling in your job? Dissatisfied with your work conditions? Having issues planning your work properly? And feeling a lot of stress? If you have these problems, you can benefit from the services of a professional coach.

Professionals gain a great deal from our Personal Coaching. The Professional Coaching provided assists individuals overcome challenges, make future plans and maximize their success. Individuals learn to realize their full potential as professionals.


  • A life coach helps you set organizational and professional goals and make plans for their achievement.
  • Identify skill, knowledge gaps and determine what steps should be taken to close the gaps.
  • A life coach teaches you how to build up on the training that you have.
  • Help you enhance your interpersonal skills.
  • Improve organizational and individual performance.

Life Coaches provide individual and confidential guidance, a partner and a sounding board. We provide unbiased feedback, ask you questions that are thought provoking, and that inspire self-reflection. We employ evaluative tools, ask you to work on exercises and do work outside your coaching sessions.

Studies prove that coaching increase the effectiveness of training and gives you a high Return on Investment (ROI). The Public Personal Management Journal states that training in combination with coaching increases individual productivity by an amazing 88%.

A consultancy firm The Hay Group, with global footprints shows that more than 50% of companies in the Fortune 500 list make use of executive coaches and 60% of these companies encourage their managers to use coaching. The firm confirms that life coaching creates successful leaders.


At NGAKHE Coaching we personalize and customize individual coaching as per the needs and nature of the client. A client’s priorities are addressed through ongoing actions whether it is major goals or complex problems. Through ongoing reflection, coaching can cultivate deep learning in the individual.


Some professionals are very hard working employees but lack at family duties. This can be attributed to a faulty work life balance. At NGAKHE we strive to find this balance. Coaches teach you critical thinking skills that will make you more effective when solving problems, take better decisions and help you recognize manipulative thinking.


Often you get people who are hard workers, but become exasperated because they feel that they are of no value. The main reason for such occurrences is the uncertainty about what they want from life and have not set formal goals to achieve them. Would you ever go on a major journey without thinking about your destination? Through tests and practices, NGAKHE coaches will teach you how to improve yourself, which is the first step to start living the life you have always envisaged.


Most people are unable to reach their potential because of personal barriers. NGAKHE can help you achieve this breakthrough and your work performance will improve drastically. As a client you will realize your true potential financially, professionally and personally. You will be able to eliminate those nagging doubts that clamp you down.


Some people believe they do not deserve success. Henry Ford once said, “If you think you can or cannot, you are right”. People are plagued by self-doubt. They do not recognize their strengths and as a result feel low. They become discouraged when they do not see success immediately. They focus on the things that they do not have, instead on their blessings. At NGAKHE we can help you cope with such emotional barriers and challenges.


The work of a Life Coach is like that of a Sports Coach. A sports coach’s job is to see that his team performs to its best potential. Likewise, a Life Coach helps individuals realize their strengths that lie within themselves and how they can use these strengths to create behavior that will lead them to the life they want.

If you want to change but cannot afford to spare much time, or if you are desperate for change and want an immediate solution, then NGAKHE can help you with personal breakthrough sessions.


Imagine how wonderful it would be if you could eliminate all your limiting beliefs and negative behaviors, which may be stopping you from reaching your goals. People reach a point in their lives where they feel depressed and things are not going the way they want it. They look for ways to escape the cycle they are trapped in. You may be successful in some areas, but there will be plenty more where you might have to improve. A Personal Breakthrough session will give you an opportunity to improve in areas where you feel you need to make progress.

If you are struggling with some old problems or if you have recognized patterns that you want to change, Personal Breakthrough sessions will help you turn things over and help you leave those negative behaviors and patterns behind.

A Personal Breakthrough session is a quick way to make significant changes towards personal development. NGAKHE coaching will combine techniques and skills such as Neuro- Linguistic Programming, Hypnosisand Time Line therapy, to help you make the changes needed. At the end of the sessions, you will notice that moving towards your goals easier.


Some individuals are born with all the resources they need, to find success and achieve desired outcomes. However, with time this changes because of outward influence and we begin to undermine our qualities. These will then come out as limiting or negative beliefs or behaviors.

Your state, attitudes values and communication style will also play an important role, in whether you will achieve your goals or not. However, with Neuro-Linguistic Programming you can re-program the mind and banish the limiting behaviors and beliefs.

Truth be told, you do not need days, weeks, months or years to bring about major changes. It can happen, in a few hours or even in an instant. It is also true that some people spend their lives trying to find solutions.


NGAKHE life coaching conducts one or two-day Personal Breakthrough sessions. Each and every one of has an authentic contribution to make. Everyone is unique and this gives us a distinct value and an undeniable edge. NGAKHE employs techniques that will help you live a fulfilling and sustainable life.

When the Breakthrough sessions are completed, you will have gained a sense of direction and clarity in your life. Most importantly, you will feel motivated and confident like never before. For the first time, you will allow yourself to believe that you can achieve anything you wish.

The best part, is that you would have brought about these changes by yourself. NGAKHE would have equipped you with everything you require to continue on your path to success and you will not have to come back unless you need to.