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Relationship Coaching

What is Relationship Coaching?

Relationship Coaching has proven to be extremely effective for many couples primarily because it encourages them to share their feelings in a forum that is premised on honesty and confidentiality. Very often, relationships encounter problems because one or both parties in a relationship do not express their worries or concerns, instead choosing to ignore it. Over time, the issue becomes amplified and arguments and fights arise, with couples losing perspective of what the basis of their relationship itself is. Relationship Coaching allows couples to come together, interact face-to-face and reconcile their issues in a mature and responsible manner.

What is the Difference between Relationship Coaching and Counseling?

The Present and Future vs. The Past

Relationship Coaching is different from conventional counseling. Psycho-therapy and counseling deal extensively with a person’s emotional experiences and past. This therapy aims to have individuals realize where their current emotions and feelings come from, so that they may realize the error of their ways. This kind of counseling takes a long time to work, psycho-therapists spend a significant amounts of time with the patient.

Relationship Coaching is heavily concerned with the present and the future. It spares little thought for the happenings and experiences that have taken place in an individual’s past and is focused on improving a person’s state of mind so that he/she can be fully-functional and productive in the future. Relationship Coaching aims to implement change using a quicker process than conventional psychotherapy.

Many individuals prefer Relationship Coaching and are able to relate to it better. It is focused on providing tangible results to individuals and this strategy is appreciated by many couples.

Communicate Productivity-Enhancing Skills

Relationship Coaching translate new skills and techniques that individuals and couples can learn so as to improve their mentalities and decision-making processes for the future. It relates tangible skills that individuals can make use of to develop their relationships as well as to build meaningful ones. It has less to do with understanding the way in which you behave, and the factors that cause this behavior and more to do with how to improve your general functioning, through the integration and use of a range of skills and techniques.

Who Opts for Relationship Coaching?

Relationship Coaching does not only deal with couples that are having difficulties in their relationships. Relationship Coaching can be extremely effective for singles in search of relationships. For singles who are having difficulty finding or maintaining fulfilling relationships, Relationship Coaching can help them better understand what character traits are holding them back. Relationship Coaching acts as a motivational tool which provides increased confidence.

For example, some couples even though they may have lived together, are often apprehensive of getting married and settling down. This is, in many ways, a natural reaction to the idea of a long-term commitment. Since the future is always uncertain, such couples engage in Relationship Coaching to learn techniques and ways in which they can live together comfortably, giving each other the requisite space, while simultaneously allowing their relationship to continue blossoming. Relationship Coaching can give individuals valuable insight into themselves as well as their significant others.

What is Family Coaching?

Some family challenges may be difficult to resolve without outside assistance. Relationships are not just a composite of experiences and circumstances. Family Coaching can help you relate to your family members as the individuals who add richness to your life.

Family Coaching is designed to help address challenges in parenting; these are challenges that a parenting workshop may not look into. Parents who are looking for individual support to address the challenges can benefit from Family Coaching.

How is it different from family counselling?

Family Coaching helps participants to create partnership within their family and will help them experience and produce fulfilling results. Family Coaching helps clients improve decision making, deepen learning and enhance the quality of their life. Counselling will generally focus on issues like pathology and other unresolved psychological problems from the past.

While Family Coaching starts in the present, it can assist families set specific and clear goals that they are looking to achieve in future. Family Coaching focuses on movement and action, not on gaining insights or understanding the past.

What outcomes can you achieve from Family Coaching?

Family Coaching can help you achieve the following outcomes:

Effective communication: Effective communication is one of the most important feature that knits a family into a strong, healthy unit. It is the building block for strong sibling, marital and parent-child relationships. Family Coaching helps improve communication between family members.

Conflict resolution: Conflict can result when members of a family keep different beliefs or views that clash. Conflict can also happen when a family member misunderstands each other and come to a wrong conclusion. If such issues are not peacefully resolved, resentments and arguments can result. Our Family Coach will help you in learning the qualities of compromise, improve your two-way communication and develop respect for the other person’s views.

Improved mutual respect: Some level of conflict will always exist but when you develop mutual respect, feelings of hurt and animosity that could result from such confrontations will be minimized. For example, a child should respect the authority of the parents, but parents should also have respect for their child’s values and the choices the child make. We can help you rediscover mutual respect for each other.

Empower your family: Family Coaching can help you feel empowered as a family. To realize your true potential, to live a life of optimism and passion, it is important to have an understanding and supportive family unit. NGAKHE will teach you empowering practices and strategies that will help you to create a new version of yourself and take your understanding of each other to an entire new level and develop unconditional love and support.

Learn to balance individuality and togetherness: While mutuality is very important in a family, individuals also need to develop a strong self. We can help you find a middle ground between individuality and mutuality.

Marriage Coaching

Martin Luther once said, “Let a wife make her husband happy to come home and let him make his wife sad to see him leave”. Marriages are made in heaven they say and that is how it should be. But sometimes, there is trouble in paradise. A Marriage Coach can help couples resolve marital issues that they might not be able to resolve on their own. An important part of effective coaching is to encourage couples to consider and ponder over each other’s perspectives and come to a mutual understanding on issues affecting their relationship. If you feel that a certain area in your marriage is stuck, maybe it is time to seek support from a Marriage Coach.

What does Marriage Coaching involve?

Marriage coaching involves helping couples who are facing issues in their marriage and may not be in a position to look at them objectively. Most individuals who are battling issues in their marriage will blame their partners for them, rather than take a look at the root cause.

Marriage Counseling can be used by premarital couples, couples who want to bring improvements in their marriage, couples who are facing problems and even those who are on the brink of divorce.

Is it possible for a coach to save a marriage?

A Marriage Coach can help untangle knots in a marriage, but coaches do not purport that they can ‘save’ marriages. For instance, coaches can separate what you can control from what you cannot. It brings awareness, where before only fear, resentment and avoidance existed. There is no doubt that your marriages can gain from coaching if you let it, but every marriage comes with its own difficulties. In such a scenario, it is difficult to say whether coaching can help a marriage become stronger.

How are coaching and counseling different?

The term ‘coaching’ in Marriage Coaching is a metaphor taken from the world of sports, where every competitive team will have a coach. No team can even try for excellence without the services of a coach. During coaching, there is no need to admit that you need help or even that you have a problem, so feelings of shame that are often triggered during counseling do not exist.

Most Marriage Coaches have been in long term happy marriages and they can impart the experiences and the skills that have made their own marriages successful to their coaches. Thus Marriage Coaches can help couples develop strong, healthy and vibrant relationships.

Counselors are more solution focused and they may inadvertently pressurize individuals into accepting solutions that they may not be comfortable with. When we think about the word ‘therapy’, you may visualize someone who needs help or cure. Individuals work with coaches by their own accord, not because they have to. Marriage Coaches, when contrasted with counselors, are not called experts. Rather, they are people who have a certain skill set, which they use to support those who have goals to fulfill.

How can I help you?

Marriage Coaching can help couples cope with challenges, stop divorces, get over past hurt or broken trust, improve communication and understanding, reconnect and learn forgiveness. My Marriage Coaching sessions are tailored to suit your specific needs and family culture. Hundreds of couples have benefited, you can too.

Relationship Coaching

The ability to create balanced and healthy relationships is not something that we are born with. We learn our relationship skills from our parents and primary care givers, through observation or directly.

However, relationships don’t always go smoothly all the time and that’s a reality we all acknowledge fully well. Not many of us tend to address rocky phases in our relationship rationally and open-mindedly. The tendency is to either let go of emotions and overreact, or withdraw completely. We shrink back into a safe place and create a shell to protect ourselves from pain, but this also prevents us from experiencing joy. Some of us even spend all our lives in this cocoon without realizing it.

But there is good news yet. You can learn the skills necessary to building healthy relationships and change the patterns in unhealthy ones through Professional Coaching. I will help you develop the skills needed to create fulfilling and balanced relationships.

What change does Relationship Coaching seek to bring?

In Relationship Coaching, personal development is not the goal. Rather the goal is to help you with your relationships. It is about working with you, at your existing level of development and maturity. The main problem lies in perspectives and attitudes which can become distorted. For instance, many professionals have developed views about life that interferes with their relationships. But the good news is critical reflection can transform these thoughts. My relationship Coaching will provide a framework for experimentation, learning and reflection.

How can you benefit from Relationship Coaching?

Working with a Relationship Coach brings many benefits. Everyone can benefit from Relationship Coaching, whether the relationship is going great or is rocky. Here are some of the benefits of Relationship Coaching:

How to read people: Through Relationship Coaching you will understand what motivates you as well as your partner what motivates you, along with what motivates your partner. You will gain insights into situations and know when something is not right, even if your partner says it is.

Helps you communicate better: You will learn to create an environment where great communication can happen. I will teach you how you can become more positive and effective in your communication.

Learn the best ways to tackle difficult situations: You no longer have to worry about your relationship ending, because I will teach you to handle situations even when they get difficult.

Improve all your relationships: Apart from your relationship with your partner, your connections with your parents, siblings, employees, bosses and coworkers will also improve.

Become self-dependent: You will gain in self-respect and personal strength, which will lead to better relationship. You will learn why it is important to say no sometimes and how you can do it without hurting your relationships.

How Relationship Coaching is different from couples counselling?

Relationship Coaching is different from couples’ therapy, just like how coaching and psychotherapy are different. If you are having trouble in your relationship, you can take the help of a coach to clear your thinking, gain some perspective and set new inspiring goals.

When you enter Relationship Coaching with me, I can help you develop meaningful and healthier connections. In weeks, you will learn to identify solutions to permanently improve the quality of your life.

Relationship Coaching Retreats

More often than not, relationships break down because of the growing emotional distance between two people. In most of such cases, neither of the partners in the relationship may be aware that they are slowly yet surely moving away from one another. But when there is this kind of distance, simple misunderstandings, different views and attitudes, a contrary perspective- anything can set off the spark that destroys the relationship entirely. At NGAKHE living inside out Coaching we understand the intricacies of relationships and we know just how to identify the potential problem areas and resolve issues here.

Communication is the Key

The failure of a relationship can, in most cases, be traced back to a complete breakdown of communication between the two parties. However, merely recognizing the problem does not help you rectify the situation. Often, you are left not knowing how to communicate effectively or where to start to improve your communication with your partner. At NGAKHE living inside out Coaching, our highly qualified and experienced trainers will help you identify the various areas where you are communicating ineffectually or miss-communicating with your partner. We also help you learn how to communicate better so that your message gets across accurately with no risk of being misunderstood. This paves the way for better understanding and less friction within the relationship.

Helping you Understand the True Value of Relationships

Your NGAKHE living inside out trainer will also help you develop better awareness of the true value of your relationships. Often, you do not realize how important your spouse or partner is to you, how much contribution he/ she makes to your daily life. This ‘taken for granted’ attitude sets the stage for frustration and a deep feeling of being unappreciated. Many relationships break because one partner fails to acknowledge the immense contribution that the other one makes on a continuous basis for him/her. Another reason could be that both partners have significantly different goals from life and they are unable to make these varying goals align with each other.

NGAKHE living inside out Relationship Coaching will help you see why giving form to appreciation is essential and how you should go about doing it to enhance your relationship. By ensuring better communication, we also ensure you can prevent problems from escalating into relationship-ending differences in the future as well.

Why Get Relationship Coaching at a Retreat?

There is a delicate balance to be maintained at all times in any kind of relationship. When this balance is impaired, the relationship heads towards a breakdown. This typically happens when either or both the people in the relationship lack the time or patience to address their partner’s needs or assuage his/her doubts and fears. Lack of privacy may also be a leading factor in the failure of relationships because it prevents the two parties from bringing their feelings out into the open and gaining closure.

At the NGAKHE living inside out Relationship Coaching retreat we ensure that both privacy and time are at your command. Here our experienced and highly effective trainer sits down with you for a discussion of what you perceive your problems to be. By understanding your needs and that of your partner and the differences between the two of you, our trainer can take the coaching process forward.

Relationship Coaching retreats are an educational experience that allow you to participate in a workshop environment. You may be involved with other couples too although you will have ample time just for yourselves at the retreat. This provides an invaluable insight into how others perceive your partner as opposed to how you do. Significantly unhappy couples or those who want to bring about a serious positive change in their relationship benefit hugely from enrolling for our NGAKHE living inside out Relationship Coaching retreat.