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Tailored Sales Coaching

Tailored Sales Coaching

Sales professionals are considered to be the most important employees of an organization. They are entrusted with the responsibility of sharing the services provided by a business with the consumer base and generating buying interest for the same. Sales professionals often have stressful targets to fulfill every month due to which they may lose track of various things. This is where Tailored Sales Coaching becomes helpful.

About Tailored Sales Coaching

Tailored Sales Coaching at NGAKHE living inside out primarily focuses on perfecting the skills, improving focus and motivation, as well as maintaining requisite energy levels. This is achieved by appointing an external Sales Coach who forms a relationship of trust with the sales professional to share ideas, concerns, as well as challenges. Such an exchange tends to relax the sales professional and encourages him/ her to perform well and meet his/ her target.

Tailored Sales Coaching identifies sales as a combination of attitude, goal setting, successful relationship building, as well as management. NGAKHE living inside out Coaching aims to help the sales professional with an array of skills which will make you immune to work pressure and provide you with the desired results.

Tailored Sales Coaching programs tend to stress on 7 key areas to help develop the selling skills of the professional. These are as follows:

  • Efficient Preparation
  • Concrete Introduction
  • Effective Questioning
  • Effective Presentation
  • Beating roadblocks
  • Effective Closing
  • Persistent Follow up

Tailored Sales Coaching Program at Let’s Live

Tailored Sales Coaching Program offered at NGAKHE living inside out aims to teach clients the concepts mentioned above and their application in daily sales jobs or long-term sale strategies. Our Tailored Sales Coaching include:

  • Coaching
  • Interactive sales training and sales skills
  • New sales techniques

Our expansive curriculum integrates an interesting combination of important concepts like Consultative Selling, Prospect Hunting, Management of Opportunities, Sales Presentations, Smart Management and Negotiations. These services at NGAKHE living inside out Coaching are targeted at Managers, Sales teams and Marketing teams in all businesses.

Who Will Benefit from the Tailored Sales Coaching?

Are you a sales professional struggling to meet your monthly targets? Are you a manager who is unable to inspire outstanding sale records from your employees? Then Tailored Sales Coaching is just for you. Tailored Sales Coaching helps sales professionals as well as managers who have come to a dead end which is being tough to overcome. Managers need Sales Coaching to mentor employees as this would be beneficial for effective sales strategies.

Why Are Tailored Sales Coaching So Effective?

Tailored Sales Coaching is effective as it acts as a catalyst of change for a stagnant sales career. It generates renewed interest in a sales professional job. Sales Coaching helps to develop and reinvent a sales professional arming them with a set of skills that are designed to adapt effectively with the current market requirement. The sales professional gets a new leash of life with Sales Coaching at NGAKHE living inside out.

Sales Coaching contributes in the overall development of a sales professional by training them to make better analytical decisions and develop personal sales strategies.

Tailored Team Coaching

Tailored Team a program that needs to be considered for an organization or department that requires to attain perfect finesse through professional team building service aimed at leading the business to a strong start.

Tailored Team Coaching – About the Program

Often organizations are deeply stressing on effective teamwork. Although there is demand for improved teamwork in the workplace, organizations find its implementation tough. Some organizational structures have failed to generate efficient teamwork while teams are stuck in a virtual work structure.

Tailored Team Coaching at NGAKHE living inside out acts as a catalyst toward team development processes and development of better understanding with other individuals in the team. It also helps to channel energy toward team and organizational objectives.

Teams need to work on an operational structure which should primarily be based on trust. Other aspects like common values and norms can be built on the foundation of trust. The lack of trust will often lead to arguments between volatile individuals and to avoid such situations you need professional help.

NGAKHE living inside out Coaching, Tailored Team Coaching Programmes

NGAKHE has Tailored Team Coaching programs to suit various businesses. Our customized and detail oriented approach aims toward improving the dynamic of a team and improving a team’s performance. We achieve this through the following steps:

  • Determining the strengths and weaknesses of a team.
  • Developing solutions to address weaker points
  • Strive to create an efficient/high performance team
  • Creating and introducing a strong vision
  • Instill communication practices
  • Boost productivity and positivity
  • Regular chat for progress mapping

Advantages of Tailored Team Coaching

Tailored Team Coaching has its advantages which are primarily targeted at new startups and organizations planning to add a new department. Team building sessions are highly recommended on the event of the following:

  • A new leader takes over the team
  • Existence of virtual teams at the workplace
  • New teams being formed as a part of workforce expansion
  • Changes in organization and change of roles
  • When creating new proactive teams
  • Pre-Startup/Implementation/Roadblocks

When a business is undergoing several changes in the organizational level, hiring a team manager to perform the aforementioned tasks saves a lot of time. Also, startups can make the most of Team Coaching programs. This is because owners of startups can entrust the entire responsibility of organizational structuring to the assigned Team Coach.

Why is Tailored Team Coaching Useful?

The benefits of having a professional to look after the Team Coaching activities for an organization is bound to have several positive impacts for the business. Some of these benefits are as follows:

  • Unification and acceleration of team performance and productivity. Team Coaches ensure their clients are happy, so performance and productivity are of the utmost importance.
  • Enhance team communication. For clear flow of verbal or written instruction throughout the workplace stress is laid on improving team communication.
  • Create a strong framework for values and vision. The Team Coach should strive on the ideals of values and design a strong framework based on the same.
  • Improve interpersonal relationships in the team. This leads to better exchange of ideas, sharing of ideas and faster problem solving in the team.
  • Increase leadership impact and capacity. The Team Coach will design the new organizational structure to have a clear understanding of the defined goals and will be able to allocate work depending on its priority.

Tailored Group Coaching

A Coach will always encourage his students to constantly improve their performance and will be successful if his students learn something new and apply what is taught when the need arises.

About Tailored Group Coaching

Coaching a group of 5 or more is known as tailored Group Coaching. It does not matter what your student base is, as under tailored Group Coaching, the coaching organization assigns Group Coaches who are capable of teaching what the client has requested. Be it athletics, sports, modules or religion, Group Coaching can handle any number of subjects.

Group Coaching at NGAKHE living inside out Coaching is fine-tuned to strengthen areas like vision, goals, values, communication and engagement. Group Coaching has many advantages and benefits but the concept has been widely rejected by the society as people seem to find more comfort in the conventional individual coaching setup.

Tailored Coaching Program by NGAKHE

NGAKHE living inside out Coaching provides Tailored Coaching Program that is well planned and that are capable of managing small training groups of 10 to large groups of 10,000 or more. We take pride in being able to impart knowledge to all forms of organizations in many different disciplines. Our Group Coaching process consists of the following steps:

  • Setting objectives and goals. The group is initially told to set objectives and goals for themselves at the beginning of the assessment.
  • Creation of Plans of Actions. To fulfill the objectives and set goals, you need to have a set of do’s and don’ts the group has to follow. This Plan of Action would outline a road map for the group to get to their objectives right.
  • Coaching sessions are conducted to impart knowledge on the specified subject.
  • Problem Solving and Conflict Resolution. This is an important part of the coaching process as here the analytical skills of the group are tested as a whole. Our temperament as well as ability to avoid conflict is also enhanced. Conflict resolution is also handled efficiently if the need arises.
  • Accountability and Evaluation. This last phase seeks to grow a feeling of accountability in the group and their necessary evaluation is undertaken. Evaluation is later shared with the clients.

Personal Benefits of Tailored Group Coaching

Group Coaching is not very much popular in society, but it is ideal for organizations who want a group to undergo coaching and eventually be united as a team. Group Coaches can be entrusted to create, manage and optimize a team for effective performance.

The effectiveness of Tailored Group Coaching

Group Coaching at NGAKHE living inside out is found to be increasingly helpful with increase in team spirit and improving performance across various business skills. An organization stands to gain the following benefits from Group Coaching:

  • Increased productivity. Spikes in productivity have been reported among groups who were subject to group coaching.
  • Enhanced Team Morale. Morale in groups who have undergone group coaching was considerably higher than normal groups.
  • Greater retention of Valuable employees. Group training has led to an increase in retention of valuable employees. This is probably because employees have felt comfortable with the management taking steps for their development.
  • Increased Revenues. In many cases, group coached teams performed way above expectations bringing in the cash for an organization.

Group Coaching although unpopular has unprecedented merits in the modern world. Dispersion of knowledge to a larger section of people at the same time has shown very good results and Group Coaching could soon find more acceptability in the society.