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Our Offerings


Why Life Coaching

Life Coaching will help you:

  • Understand and accept yourself
  • Building your self confidence
  • Living with interest
  • Bringing positive habits into your life
  • Take action with Joy
  • Restore your balance in life
  • Celebrate your victories


What we offer?
  • Sessions with Skype
  • Face to face sessions
  • Email and telephone support between sessions
  • Weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions
  • Guidance throughout the process of change


  • Am I just HOPING to find the “right something”
  • Am I living the life I really want?
  • Am I failing to achieve my goals? 
  • Am I going nowhere slowly?
  • Am I being understood? Do I even understand myself?
  • Am I taking action fearlessly to change my life?
  • Do I procrastinate?
  • Do I have a passion or  purpose?
  • Are my fears holding me back?


Workshop, Seminars & Training Topics 

  • Being Fearless
  • Self Confidence and Self Esteem
  • Planning my Future
  • Finding my Purpose
  • What’s wrong with me
  • Building a Fearless Relationship
  •  “Attractive” Honour
  • Embracing the feminine spirit
  • The Strength of Vulnerability
  • The Power of Influence
  • Women with Honour
  • Men with Honour
  • The Power of being a Women
  • How do I motivate myself
  • The right habits
  • Going nowhere slowly. Getting unstuck
  • Embracing Change
  • I’m made from Emotions
  • Communication

What can you expect from professional coaching?

  • Discover your purpose.
  • Set goals for your future.
  • Align your values with your new goals.
  • Eliminate any limiting beliefs that may prevent you from tackling new challenges.
  • Set new goals for recovery.
  • Have a detailed action plan.
  • Realign your beliefs and values to ensure positive progress and sustained recovery.
  • Make sure your needs are being met.

 How we can help you?

  • Coaching fields
  • Coaching women
  • Corporate coaching
  • Career coaching
  • Personal Development
  • Stress management
  • Christian based coaching
  • Spiritual growth
  • Students
  • Leadership
  • Teenagers/young adults
  • Work/life balance
  • Finding life purpose